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6310 IN

● 2 Lines × 16 Characters LCD
● Microprocessor-controlled
● Tests insulation resistance up to 20 TΩ
● 4 Insulation test voltages: 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V
● AC / DC Voltmeter (30~600V)
● Short-circuit current up to 5mA
● PI (Polarization Index) indication
● DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) indication
● Auto-ranging on all insulation ranges
● Optical USB to RS-232 data transmission
● Well isolated from contact
● Well protected from surges
● 2 built-in optical LEDs for data transfer
● Visual and audio warning of external voltage presence (≥30Vac or ≥30Vdc)
● Auto-hold function to freeze reading
● Overload protection
● Adjustable testing duration: 1~30 minutes
● Internal memory for data storage
● Displays testing duration for insulation measurement
● Auto-off function
● 200 measurement results can be saved in memory and recalled on                            
Test Voltage 1000V, 2500V, 5000V, 10000V 
Insulation resistance 2TΩ / 1000V
5TΩ / 2500V
10TΩ / 5000V
20TΩ / 10000V
Accuracy 0~200GΩ / 1000V
0~500GΩ / 2500V
0~1000GΩ / 5000V
0~2000GΩ / 10000V
200G~2TΩ / 1000V
500G~5TΩ / 2500V
1000G~10TΩ / 5000V
2000G~20TΩ / 10000V
Resolution 1000MΩ:  1MΩ
10GΩ:  0.01GΩ
100GΩ:  0.1GΩ
1TΩ:  1GΩ
10TΩ:  10GΩ
20TΩ:  100GΩ
Short circuit current up to 5mA
PI (Polarization Index) V
DAR (Dielectric Absorption Ratio) V
Voltmeter ACV: 30~600V(50/60Hz)
DCV: 30~600V
Accuracy: ±(2.0%rdg + 3dgt)
Resolution: 1V
0.5nA ~ 0.55mA
(Depending on the insulation resistance)
Power source 1.5V "C" × 8 Alkaline batteries
Dimensions 330(L) × 260(W) × 160(D)mm
Weight Approx. 4724g (battery included)